We are Staci and Michael Hood, the free spirits who capture your love story.  Our Style is REAL, RAW, and Emotional.  We search for the true romance - belly laughing - sunset twirling - face licking - saucy kissing - fun moments of your love!!!  Overall ...We're a fun combo of classy meets goofy. 

  Our adventures feel like a relaxed and spontaneous double date with your 

new best friends.  Since we have been madly in love for 11 years, this love is the core of our style. Life can be a little wild, like a fun-filled rollercoaster, so hang on tight!  We want your memories to reflect your true relationship - your own rollercoaster with and all the crazy love you share together... the cuddling up on the couch, making breakfast, taking a last minute camping trip, jumping into the freezing ocean, or hiking a gorgeous trail.  What ever you love to do the most, we want to be there too.  

Our style combines the true laughter you share during fun activities and we partner the realness with flattering poses.   We never want you to look at one another and say "What are we supposed to do?"  We walk you through every step of our session, and will having you spinning in circles, racing along the shoreline, and laughing at the silly moments.  If you think this sounds like you, and you are READY to take the next step, drop us a little  hello and tell us all about your love!                        


a little behind the scenes